Real Estate Agent

Job Title:Real Estate Agent
Company: J. Rockcliff Realtors
Location: Dublin, CA, USA
Position Type: Full-time/Part-time
Compensation: $50,000 - $100,000 (Full Commission)
Date Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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Job Description:

J. Rockcliff Realtors Real Estate Agent: Would Working at J. Rockcliff Realtors in Dublin Be a Good Fit For You? Find Out Now by Taking the CCI...

Why Do Some Succeed While Others Fail?
Each year, a group of individuals in Dublin decide to start a new career in real estate sales. Some of these new agents gain traction quickly, naturally connect with the work, and succeed financially. But many, who also spend their valuable time and resources setting up their businesses, struggle to produce even mediocre results.

Core Capacities Predict Success in a Work Environment
Have you ever wondered why this happens? We have. In fact, we have spent a large amount of our own time and resources studying hundreds of our own associates in an attempt to quantify this elusive phenomenon. We've discovered that the key criterion for success in this industry is something called core capacities.

Discover Your Unique "Recipe" of Core Capacities Now
Core capacities are a person's organic talents or natural "wiring." Every person has a unique "recipe" of core capacities that predict his or her propensity to perform certain tasks with success and vital engagement. We would like to give you an opportunity to conduct a 10-minute evaluation that will map your unique recipe of core capacities.

Would Being a Real Estate Agent Be a Better Fit For You?

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Job Requirements: (J. Rockcliff - Real Estate Agent)

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